Why audit... why review?

The audit/ review will cover all operational areas of your club and the results will demonstrate the development areas to concentrate on and will also highlight your strengths.

TH&F audits come in various sizes and covers specific areas of your operation or you can have a full club review/audit.

You decide what you want.

As a client of TH&F the reports can be accessed through our online service to you and you can review and benchmark whenever you wish. These reports can be printed off and shared with your colleagues through various media channels.

Telephone calls can be recorded and mystery visits can be videoed too!

The reports available are as follows:

  • Guest/user audit
  • Reception visit audit
  • Reception audit
  • Changing room audit
  • Complaint audit
  • Comprehensive club audit
  • Min club audit
  • Staff room audit
  • Pool audit
  • Dry side audit
  • External audit
  • General enquiry
  • Activity enquiry
  • Sales enquiry
  • Mystery shop walk in
  • Full mystery shop visit
  • Sales audit
  • Online booking
  • Online enquiry
  • Social media audit
  • Web site audit
  • Induction audit
  • Gym workout audit
  • Gym audit
  • Interaction audit
  • Group exercise class audit
  • Telephone enquiry
  • Online booking
  • Treatment appointment audit
  • Health and beauty audit
  • Telephone booking
  • Telephone enquiry
  • Reception visit audit
  • Room audit
  • Dining experience audit
  • Customer service audit

What is the key objective?

  • To recognise the areas within your club to develop.
  • To improve the standards.
  • To increase Brand awareness.
  • To build upon the strengths of the operation

Can it be tailored for a club or group?

Yes, it can be tailored for each respective cluster of clubs.

  • The content can be discussed to ensure you have the report you need to move the business forward.

What is the benefit/value?

  • To have a strategic programme for growth within your club.
  • Something the management and the staff can work towards.
  • All standards become consistent and best practice is achieved.
  • Bringing continuity and consistency across the club(s)/Group.
  • Daily traffic increases and membership grows.
  • Members see the positive change and continue their membership. Lower attrition.
  • Business becomes stable and owners/management can concentrate on further growth.

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