Your customers, your members are your most important assets. You need to look after them and retain them as a valuable member of your club. It costs twice as much to find a new member than to retain an existing one.

Therefore you need to ensure you cater for their needs and exceed their expectations, if the possibility arises within your club. To deliver a strong focused customer care programme the staff need to be educated and understand what is expected of them. Building on internal relationships and consistent re-training of your team and individuals is a recipe for ultimate success.

How can Traffic Health & Fitness Limited assist in improving team building and customer care?

  • To act as a mentor to the club manager and ensure he/she understands the process of maintaining a motivated team.
  • To provide a "Whatever it takes" attitude to instil confidence within the team to deliver a good level of customer care.
  • To deliver a training programme designed for the operatives on reaching the expectations of the member.
  • To introduce or amend current members questionnaires/surveys. To display the feedback in an orderly and timely fashion internally.
  • Re-organising notice boards to ensure the members are kept informed.
  • Heightening the recognition of the club brand and the values of the company.

What is the key objective?

  • To improve the customer care skills of all front line staff.
  • To instil confidence in all employees to deliver and exceed, where possible, a "Whatever it takes" attitude to satisfy the members.
  • To ensure the club manager can receive critical and positive feedback and to deliver a solution, if need be, to the problem or concern.

What is the benefit/value?

  • An external resource will be able to highlight possible development areas within your team and management, without prejudice and history.
  • Managers and their teams would take greater note of the message being delivered.
  • Retaining members is more profitable to the company than losing them.

Those who win in life... are those who refuse to quit

by Lou Holz - former coach of American Football Team Notre Dame

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