Why have a mystery shop/audit?

To have consistency and continuity across an organisation is not a bad thing and it demonstrates that all employees are working to a set standard that they can understand and deliver.

Mystery shops, is exactly as it sounds ...the receiver will not know they are being audited on a set system or delivery.

The majority of mystery shops are within the Sales Process; from the initial telephone call to the meet and greet and to the close and follow up ...or did they buy?

What areas are accessed?

  • Telephone Enquiry
  • Confirmation Call
  • The Welcome and Data Capture
  • Membership Advisor Greeting
  • Completion of the Needs Analysis
  • The Tour
  • Membership Presentation
  • The Close
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Follow Up
  • The Overall Experience

Can it be tailored for a club or group?

  • Yes, it can be tailored for each respective cluster of clubs, centres or corporate sites.
  • The content can be discussed to ensure you have the report you need to move the business forward.

What will you receive?

What is You will receive a full report on each club or centre on all areas that are agreed, including the recordings, a graph and results for each area and the overall result.

Additional comments will be added by the resource consultants on any other area they feel they need to give feedback (positive or negative) on outside the brief.

What is the key objective?

  • To recognise areas within the sales system that needs to improve.
  • To reduce attrition and increase the membership base.
  • To improve the standards and overall professionalism.
  • To increase Brand awareness.
  • To coach and give feedback to all staff selling at the 'sharp end'.

What are the benefits?

  • Monitored and measured service performance
  • Improves members retention
  • Makes employees aware of what is important in serving members and customers
  • Monitors club/centre conditions and standards
  • Ensures product/service delivery quality
  • Supports promotional programmes
  • Allows for competitive analyses between locations
  • Identifies training needs and sales opportunities
  • Ensures positive customer relationships on the front line
  • Enforces employee integrity and knowledge
  • Enhances standards to the operator bringing consistency to the forefront
  • Used as a motivational tool to coach and retrain the team

What is different about our programme?

Not all secret shopping companies are the same ...Far from it!

The unique thing about Traffic Health and Fitness is if commission a mystery shop of your facility/venue you will only have one ‘shopper’ to deliver each and every one of the shops within your region and if possible throughout your company – this brings consistency on results and continuity to the process; can anyone else promise this?

Your programme will be written for you and your business.

All telephone calls can be recorded and a video recording is also available at a small extra cost. So no longer just looking at the spreadsheet of text and graphs we at Traffic Health and Fitness bring your mystery programme to life!

Furthermore, we can help you on your journey forward with further training of your teams and identifying anything that was ‘just not right’ within the process or the delivery.

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