We all recognise to get the best out of your team and individuals systems and processes must be revisited or changed to impact the business in a positive way.

In Health and Fitness this is no different and your teams need to be kept 'on their toes' and motivated by attending 'In House' and external training.

Traffic Health and Fitness Limited provide specific training days and motivational workshops.

What is the key objective?

To provide a training day that will involve delegate participation, role playing and interaction but above all to have fun and digest the message behind the seminar/workshop.

Why have training days?

To motivate, to educate and to revisit standards that need to be communicated to the team. To ensure all delegates understand the message behind each training forum and come away with the agreed message.

What subjects/days are available?

  • Having the Right Attitude (CSM)
  • First Impressions Count (CSM)
  • Moments of Magic and moments of Misery(CSM)
  • Back to Basics (CSM)
  • Building on relationships (CSM)
  • Whatever it takes! (CSM)
  • Spirit to Serve(CSM)
  • Delivering Your Personal Best (CSM)
  • Raising Stars Programme
  • Integrity (CSM)
  • Operational Excellence
  • Sales Training
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Retention-name of the game
  • Managing through People
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Leadership v Management
  • Planning and Financial Performance of Managers
  • Team Building
  • Motivational Days for Club
  • Leadership Training (From 4-8 modules)
  • Staff Development Workshops (from 4-8 modules)

Can Traffic Health and Fitness write and deliver a Staff Development Programme?

The simple answer to that is YES.

What Staff Development Programme is available?

The Programme will be developed around the Culture and the need of the Company.

The agreed Programme can be written and organised for Team Operatives or Management.

Programme for Staff members

Six (6) modules in the programme. Suggestions are as follows:

  • Self Development
  • Performance Management (coaching skills and Appraisals)
  • Maximising Sales and Marketing
  • Operational Procedures
  • Service Delivery
  • Health and Safety

Programme for Management

Six (6) modules in the programme: suggestions are as follows:

Self Development (where you were and where you are now - expectations)

  • Me, Myself & My Performance
  • Impact and Influence
  • Finding Solutions
  • Leadership
  • Performance Management (Upping the stakes and benchmarking)
  • We’ve made a difference!


Those who win in life... are those who refuse to quit

by Lou Holz - former coach of American Football Team Notre Dame

Who am I?

With over 25 years experience within the Leisure Industry