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Active Nation - Stuart Martin/MD

Tory brings experience, passion and energy to every project we engage her to deliver. We have had a huge success in using Tory in delivering over the last 4 years a mystery shop programme followed by motivating Bootcamps for Campaigners and Leaders...

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Chief Executive - The Edgbaston Priory Club
Tory has worked for our company as a training consultant for the last 8 years and brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our staff training programmes.

Rob Bray

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Senior Director of Golf, Leisure & Spa Operations Europe
Marriott Hotels Limited

We engaged the services of Tory Brettell of Traffic Health and Fitness in 2009 to help and support Marriott with our membership sales and bringing greater consistency to the process across all of our clubs by delivery of a Mystery Shop Programme.
The results of the mystery shop are paramount to the Club Manager as it is one of their key KPI's and along with the additional feedback we get from every mystery shop, it accumulates an overall score. The feedback we receive as a business is invaluable, good or bad.

Alison Ainsworth


Business Development Manager

Big Wave Media Ltd

Having witnessed Tory 'in action' delivering training to a range of departments using a staged approach I knew that I would have to secure her skills in the future should the opportunity arise. Tory's ability to communicate in a fun and professionally manner is a delight to witness.


Group Leisure Manager, QHotels

QHotels used Traffic Health and Fitness Limited to conduct a full audit on one of our Clubs that we nominated for the FIA FLAME Awards and we found this audit to be conducted in very structured and professional manner.

Grant Wright

World of golf

Grant Wright - CEO, World of Golf

I have known Tory for many years and I am a big fan of her mystery shop programmes as they have really helped me shape and improve the various businesses I have operated. Tory is an experienced leisure professional and this shows in everything she does.

tim webster

Consultant - Tim Webster

Tory is a first class operator with experience of working in a corporate health and fitness environment both in the UK and in mainland Europe...



Chairman, Mosaic Spa & Health Clubs; Non Executive Director, énergie & Oxygen Freejumping - Steve Philpott

Tory was always a joy to work with. She's a great trainer and provides sound operational insights. Her sense of humour makes working with her a bundle of laughs and brings everyone together.


Sean Humby

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Director & host - Business Network (SW) Ltd, lunch time networking

Having known Tory for over 20 years and having worked on many projects together during that time I can say that she is brilliant! From operations to sales, from a feasibility study to capital project, from working and leading a team to engaging with suppliers, from detailed SOP's to motivating and inspiring, from a simple spa to a full service club, from staff training to management development - Tory is the real deal...

Sarah Leonie

Places for People

Group Fitness Manager, Places for People

Tory, thank you for consistently delivering educational, interactive & fun training days for us. Your support in rolling out our kinetika journey retention package across the Places for People group was integral to the success of the programme.

aspire Health  FitnessJacquie Douglas

Development Director, Aspire Sports & Cultural Trust

Tory worked with us to develop a Membership Sales Strategy, following our transfer from local authority control to that of an independent Charitable Trust. Tory worked alongside the Directorate to develop an appropriate Sales Strategy to increase sales and establish a sound platform from which appropriate policies and working practices could be developed across the organisation.

Tory and her team assisted us in designing, developing and delivering a suite of bespoke development programmes.



New Vision Fitness

Head of Leisure Services
Fenland District Council

Wow! I have never seen Tory present before but when I asked her to write and implement a structured Sales Programme, she pulled out all the stops. This concluded with several workshops being delivered to a wide range of skilled employees covering 3 Leisure Centres. Tory interacted with the audience with her excellent people skills, made us laugh but brought home the message of consistency and continuity would make the new system work, which we adopted and embraced.

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